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Here is Kingston and environs as you have never seen her before. You will be present at her birth in the wilderness and, from the comfort of your favourite chair, witness her growth through more than three centuries. An intimate portrait of many of the places that define the city – her businesses, culture, recreation, architecture, parks and people – evolving from virgin forest to thriving city. In this richly illustrated title, the reader is treated to a visual feast of over 350 images including breath-taking aerial views by photographer John McQuarrie. Many scenes are arranged in artful pairings with an archival illustration alongside a contemporary, colour photograph of the same view.


Woven into the imagery is a lively text contributed by a trio of Kingstonians with a fascinating combination of talents and interests. Peter Milliken, Kingston native, Queens grad and 34th Speaker of the House of Commons; Arthur Milnes, Fellow in Canadian History at Queen’s University Archives and a veteran journalist; and Jennifer McKendry, passionate chronicler of Kingston's architecture and history and whose Ph.D. thesis at the University of Toronto was on the architecture of Kingston, 1835 to 1865. She also wrote the back-cover piece, a moving paragraph on the momentous transition as the first Europeans made their appearance at the mouth of the Great Cataraqui River:

“The land was silent save for the chatter of birds and small animals and the sound of waves crashing against the shore rocks. Footpaths existed, worn down by nomadic hunters and wild animals. Colour abounded in the forest and swamp flowers, the brilliance of the turning leaves in autumn and the deep blue skies of a luminous winter day. A dark green palette of evergreen cedars and spruce along the lakeshore and pine on the higher ground acted as a foil year-round to the colours of the deciduous trees interspersed among rocky outcroppings. This tableau was easily seen by those approaching in canoes because the land rose in ridges away from the water. With the establishment of a military outpost in 1673, the trees were felled to clear sightlines for defensive purposes. The onslaught of civilization had begun.”




Available in Novel Idea (Princess & Bagot, Kingston, 1-613-546-9799), Kingston Visitor Centre (Ontario St, Kingston), Peters Drugs (King W. at Yonge, Kingston), Indigo, Chapters, Coles and at


Magic Light Publishing, 11.5” by 9”, over 350 images, 208 pages, full colour,

$30 soft cover (ISBN 9781894673557); $40 hard cover (ISBN 9781894673457)


All images in this book are available as canvas photo prints from:

Magic Light Publishing

192 Bruyere Street, Ottawa, Ontario  K1N 5E1



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